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Viajes más baratos, tarifas competitivas para todos y los conductores mejor pagados.
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OMNI is THE app for fair rides with prices lower than Uber and Lyft so you can hitch a ride to the same place at the same time—all while paying less.

Launching July 2024

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No Bullsh*t Leadership - No Outside Investors
Uber and Lyft don’t share the total cost of rides with drivers and riders. This lack of transparency is intentional, with Uber taking as much as 53%. We, on the other hand, center our business model around equal pay and fair rates, with OMNI solely founded and funded by former Lyft and Uber drivers.

It's easy to get around

Open the app.
Request. Ride!
Control the route and destination.
Choose your favorite payment methods.
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Just a couple clicks to request a ride
In mere minutes, your driver will await— or you can book your trip up to four days in advance!
Save time. Pay using the app
You'll know how much a trip costs before you get in. Pay via the app using your preferred payment method.
We're a local company that cares
Join drivers and riders who've made the decision to use OMNI. We're fighting for fair rates and equal opportunities.
Always by your side
Our team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and maintains record of each and every trip you take.

Go anywhere with us

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1-4 seats
2018 to 2024

With you all the way!

Know in advance the vehicle will pick you up. Share your ride and let others know exactly where you are. Contact our support team 24/7.
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Nuestros servicios

Necesitás enviar un paquete, un viaje para tus invitados, una tienda necesita enviarte algo, vas a una cita rápida, en todo esto te ayudamos.
¿Qué ofrecemos?

Logística para su empresa

Entrega el mismo día, programada o incluso urgente para tiendas físicas, comercio electrónico, restaurantes y cafeterías.
Flex para Empresas
Anabelle Porter
Interface Designer

Transporte confiable

Viajá con unos pocos toques y un conductor profesional llegará en poco tiempo.
Flex para vos
Steve Harper
Experience Designer

Mensajero rápido a la mano

Llaves olvidadas o un regalo para tu amigo en el otro lado de la ciudad de forma rápida y segura.
Sarah Kingston
Data Analyst
Flex para vos

Where does OMNI operate?

Need to get to work? How about a dinner with friends? Is the beach calling your name? Looking for a new way to get around? We've got you covered for all these trips and more.
Santa Clara County
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Peninsula County (soon)
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Alameda County (soon)
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$99 monthly subscription plan

OMNI is a commission-free platform for drivers. In the place of commissions, drivers pay a low monthly fee starting at $99 and thus save hundreds of dollars every month.
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Elegí tu destino.
Solicitá a un click.
Conocé tu conductor.
Disfrutá del viaje.

Easy-to-use mobile app

Request a driver in three steps:
Set your destination.
Choose a vehicle type.
Use a credit card, debit card, or digital wallet.
Limited surge pricing.